Cost of DD2 ransomware attack tops $157K

The total cost of the Dorchester District II ransomware attack tops $157,000, but district officials are quick to point out that all but $5,000 of the total is covered by insurance.

The Investigators asked DD2 to provide a breakdown of the cost, and it gives insight into how much of the data was inaccessible because of the attack over the summer.

Here are the details:

  • $2,795 ransom
  • $750 to Kroll Ontrack. This is a company that specializes in recovering files impacted by ransomware.
  • $8996.00 to Axiom Cyber Solutions (IT consulting firm)
  • $140,018.81 for teachers and other staff to re-enter the data
  • $1,754.24 in overtime costs for computer techs
  • $3,355.00 for attorney fees

The grand total: $157,669.05. An insurance policy covered all but the $5,000.

DD2 officials entered into an agreement with another IT consulting group to do a free assessment of their technology network. According to district spokeswoman Pat Raynor, Enterprise IT Solutions submitted recommendations, but the board is still getting evaluations from other vendors before making a deal.


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