Concerns over infrastructure in Berkeley County

The new Del Webb community at Nexton celebrated a milestone Thursday.

It now has model homes open to the public. It’s the latest economic development announcement, but it’s another reason why there are concerns about adequate infrastructure in the area.

Charlie Tipton – Div. President, Pulte Homes: “It’s part of the process to get a community up and running we’ll begin contracts this month getting started and soon we will have our first residents in Del Webb>

More and more people are moving to Charleston and Charlie Tipton says “We know there’s a lot of demand from retirees continuing to flock to the area who want the Del Webb lifestyle.”

But there are concerns.

Kevin Housand – President, Berkeley Chamber of Commerce: “It does bring a need for an awareness that we have to plan for the infrastructure to support this growth.

The county’s transportation sales tax has been renovating local roads for a few years now, but developers have also contributed land for things like schools and other community organizations.

Housand says government officials are going to have to stay on top of a problem that could easily get out of hand.

There’s also a new interchange on I-26 being built as we speak. Once that opens, it’s expected to help alleviate some of the traffic problems in this particular area.

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