RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: B and C grades November 1-8

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCBD) — Between November 1 and November 8, one restaurant in Charleston County received a C grade from the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

On November 3, a DHEC inspector gave Pattaya Thai Restaurant in Mount Pleasant a C.

Some of the violations include improper cold holding temperatures. The report showed chicken stock read at 47 degrees, tofu 44 degrees, and shrimp and pork at 51 degrees.

Chef Ben Black, an instructor at The Charleston Culinary Institute about this issue.

“A good way to know is to take a thermometer, open up a tub of yogurt, and put a thermometer in there, and see that it reads below 41 degrees,” said Black.

“A walk in refrigerator … also must be below 41 degrees at all times,” he said.

This violation was also Pattaya’s report for November 3. The main refrigerator unit wasn’t keeping foods at 41 degrees.

“We have to handle every individual food differently and safely, otherwise we’re going to make somebody sick,” said Black.

However, a new report that came out November 6 showed Pattaya corrected its violations, and they now have an A.

Other restaurant grades in Charleston County below a B: Einstein Brothers Bagels in downtown Charleston and Hunley’s Tavern in West Ashley for foods kept above 41 degrees.

China Buffet on River’s Avenue got a B grade for an improper dishwasher.

Kilwin’s on S. Market Street, McDonalds (7400 Rivers Avenue), and Shuang Xi near Tanger Outlets all had violations for insects in the facility.

Shuang Xi also had violations for improper food temperatures.

Every restaurant inspected has a follow up inspection days later.

Coleman Public House in Mt. Pleasant, mentioned in a previous story for receiving a C grade, had a follow up inspection days later. All violations were corrected, and the restaurant now has an A.

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