WATCH: Mt. Pleasant mayoral candidates sit down for one-on-one interview

Will Haynie has set himself up as the candidate who will say no to development.  He says if elected he will tackle traffic as a top priority.  He is currently a Mt. Pleasant Town Council member, and he was elected as part of the “Save Shem Creek” movement in 2015.

“My vision for slowing growth was resounding then and it is now,” Haynie explained.

Linda Page was elected mayor in 2013 after serving a term on Town Council.  She points to road projects as one of the high points of her time in office.  She said her term in office has given her a chance to build strong relationships with decision makers at all levels of government.

“We’re going to have to build a lot of roads here in the next few years,” she predicted. “If we want them done a quickly, we need someone like me with those relationships.”

She says handling growth requires compromise instead of a stoppage.

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“Thirty percent of our budget comes from business,” she explained.  So she believes the Town must support business development.

Haynie’s leadership would take the town in a different direction.  He said the goal would be protecting the quality of life as it is now.

He says he’s leaving affordable housing to developers to handle.

“I think the private sector is better at providing housing than the government is,” he explained.

This weekend Linda Page’s campaign made headlines after a member of her campaign team placed a negative ad against her opponent in the newspaper.  Page says she wasn’t aware of the move and had no hand in it.

Haynie also made headlines Friday after he filed a legal action against a Mt. Pleasant blogger he says wrote a Facebook post about him that wasn’t true. His attorney told News 2 the goal of lawsuit is to restore Haynie’s reputation.

Haynie graduated from the Citadel in 1983 with a degree in Business Administration. He launched the website for his PR company in May 2017.  His most recent experience includes writing for a local newspaper.

Linda Page operates an antique and auction business she took over from her parents in the 1980’s.  She is also a realtor.

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