New K9 officers arrive in Hanahan

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCBD)- A couple of new officers have arrived in Hanahan. The police department says these new additions will change the way the city is able to tackle crime.

K9s Maverick and Bear are the two newest officers with the Hanahan Police Department. The dogs were donated to the department and the money needed to sustain the K9 program comes from seized narcotics funds.

Hanahan Deputy Chief Michael Fowler says, “In essence we are using drug dealers’ money against them.”

These four-legged crime fighters will respond to a variety of calls, from drug busts to missing people.

K9 Handler Officer Chuck Carnes says, “K9 Bear has already done the basic obedience work. They started imprinting narcotics and then they will switch over to aggression and start the aggression control training and stuff like that.”

The addition of the brothers will double the size of Hanahan’s K9 unit.

Fowler says, “Now that we have four teams we have the ability to assign a dog to be on each shift, meaning we are pretty much going to have a K9 team available around the clock.”

This means K9 officers will be on the scene faster when they’re needed.

Carnes says, “We’re talking a 2-3 minute response time versus a 20-25 minute response time.”

The duo still has about two months before you’ll see them in the field, but their officer partners say the pups are ready to get to work.

Carnes says, “They’re both fast learners. They have a desire to please and they’ll pick it up fast.”

Police say you will also see Bear and Maverick at community events because having K9s on the team helps officers better connect with the public.



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