Holiday Help: Keeping your purchases safe

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Imagine this… you are out shopping and find that perfect gift for a loved one. You buy it, but before you can put it under the tree, it’s stolen. This happens too often. North Charleston’s Crime Prevention Officer Kyle Jamison says the first line of defense is to take a picture of the serial number before even leaving the parking lot with a big ticket item.

He says, “If that item were to ever be stolen out of your vehicle, we can enter it into a national database. If that item is ever located, we can contact you and let you know we recovered it. Without serial numbers on the firearms, the Garmins, the laptops, there’s not a whole lot we can do in recovering those for you because it’s hard to identify them.”

Having that serial number documented also help prosecute the thief.

Officer Jamison says, “If that serial number is in our national database as stolen, when someone is found in possession of it we can start the prosecution process against them in possession of stolen goods. Or if we can prove they’re the person who stole it, then the burglary from your automobile.”

But to avoid the headache of tracking down stolen goods, if you are leaving something in your car make sure it’s locked.

Officer Jamison says, “Chirp chirp, hit that button twice make sure you hear it”.

And keep the items hidden inside to deter anyone from breaking in.

He says, “Parking lots and shopping centers can become quite a high value target for crime and criminals because they know they can reach a maximum amount of profit in a small confined area, it’s the same for apartment complexes and communities where you have a lot of people in one condensed area.”

Guns are also commonly stolen out of cars this time of year. Officers recommend not storing your gun in your car, but if you do, get a car gun safe to make sure that gun does not fall into the wrong hands.


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