Pleasant Hill students learn life saving water safety skills through a partnership with Georgetown YMCA

A special partnership with the Georgetown YMCA is helping students at Pleasant Hill Elementary learn a life saving skill, how to swim. We’re in Georgetown county for our Cool School of the week.

Pleasant Hill Elementary second graders are testing new waters. It’s all a part of the Y-Splash program at the Georgetown county YMCA. Principal Teddy Graham. “We’re very fortunate in Georgetown county to live here. We’re surrounded by all this beautiful water. Unfortunately, a lot of our students don’t have the opportunity to learn to swim, and several years ago there were some incidents in the district of drownings and so forth, and thats a tragedy and anything we can do to prevent that. Our superintendent established this partnership with the YMCA. This is the first step to get comfortable with the water and learn water safety, and also the YMCA is offering all of our students swimming lessons at reduced rates. It’s a very beneficial partnership for our school district.” Second-grader Emeri Lewis, “It’s so awesome! When they teach us how to swim, they just show us what to do like this. They tell you put one arm in and pull it back and put the other arm in and pull it this way, like the same.”

Several schools in Georgetown county will have five weeks of free water safety lessons. Swimming instructor and life guard Jessie Smith says, “It’s 45 minutes a week. This week, swimming skills., next week its swimming and safety skills., fourth week swimming skills. The fourth week, we have a riptide machine that creates a riptide like the ocean has, put life jackets on so they can experience that. Then the fifth week, we’ll put them on a rubber raft, and have them learn how to get in and out of a boat.”

Second grade student Green Chapman says, “I’m learning how to do this. It’s an important lesson and it’s also fun.” ” It’s fun,” says second grader Samaj Britton.

Coming up Friday on News 2, we’ll present Pleasant Hill Elementary with our Cool School award.

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