Cool School: Pleasant Hill Elementary

Pleasant Hill Elementary is a community school serving several communities in Georgetown county. Pleasant Hill Elementary has 375 students in pre-k through 5th grade. Students performed exceptionally well academically at the Title-One school.

The majority of staff members are from within the community, many attended the school. Teachers have professional learning teams. All classrooms have access to laptops. Students also have a cool tower garden they use for science lessons.

Strong community support helps students thrive. Principal Teddy Graham says, “We do provide reading and math tutoring for all grades. Students who are struggling, and we use retired teachers to do that. We also have a partnership with the Black River United Way and AmeriCorps, where volunteers come in to our school and read with our young readers as part of the Growing Great Readers program.” Fifth-grade student Jenna Kay Avant says, “I just like that the teachers help support you, and we have very smart kids at our school and a good academic team.”

Our Cool School this week, Pleasant Hill Elementary in Georgetown county has a teacher who is also the district’s Teacher of the Year, with the same name as Oscar and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson. We put her on the spot, and asked her to sing. Thanks for being a great sport Ms. Hudson!

Coming up today on News 2 at Five, we’ll tell you about a special partnership with the Georgetown YMACA to help students learn how to swim.

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