Northbridge Exxon closes down after 40 years

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- They have been the go-to gas station in West Ashley for nearly 40 years. The Northbridge Exxon station on Sam Rittenburg and Orange Grove is now closed.

One employee, Greg Caringer, says, “It’s sad, I’m really going to miss this place.”

It will be a big change for Caringer, who worked at the service center for 33 years.

He says, “I feel like I work with my friends and family, I never feel like an employee.”

And the customers agree. Multiple people posted on social media, disappointed the gas station is closing up shop.

Caringer says, “They know us. They come in, get their gas, and stop and talk, and get their car worked on when they need it. We have a real good customer base.”

And with 40 years in business, you become a part of the community.

Caringer says, “People from the first day I started, I’ve seen their children and I’ve seen some of their grandchildren when they’ve started to drive.”

This was also one of the last full service stations in the area, where it’s not only an auto shop and convenience store, but they’d pump your gas too.

Caringer says, “That’s real rare unless you go to New Jersey.”

The property was sold to an investor, and no word yet on what will be built on the land. Robert Suggs, the owner of Northbridge Exxon, says he wants to give a big thank you to all of the customers who supported them over the course of 40 years. Even though they are officially shut down, employees will still be working to pack up the property for the next few weeks. They invite any community members who want to say goodbye to stop by.

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