Sangaree Elementary’s initiatives makes learning fun for students

Sangaree Elementary students are shining stars in and out of the classroom. We’re in Berkeley county with our Cool School of the week.

Sangaree Elementary has nearly 700 students in pre-k through second grade. Teachers incorporate the 4 C’s, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical thinking, and Communication into learning. “Our students make us Star-tastic. They are shining stars,” says principal Barbara Webber. “One of the things we have is something called Star Time. It’s specialized reading instruction., and we also have some specialized computer based programs to help our students with reading fluency and math fluency.”

Sangaree integrates technology and uses research based reading models, and character education. The school also has an outdoor learning lab through a grant from Lowe’s. Parent Carol Taylor says, “I love the teachers and faculty here. Everybody loves and cares for our kids. They’re very passionate about what they do. We’re one-to one technology here, so all the students get that great technology input and we also have Star Time. I’ve seen my children grow from that direct instruction.”

The school’s dedicated recycling team takes pride in their conservation efforts. Second grade student Isabella Grant says, “We’re all stars because we listen and we have really really nice people here.” Teacher Runette Ford says,
“Sangaree Elementary is a Cool School because of our students, our staff and our parents. We are a great community, and everyone works for what is best for the children.”

Sangaree has won the Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness award the last three years.

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