West Ashley neighbors seek help after 3 years of flooding

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — Many people are still recovering after three years of flooding: the historic floods of 2015, Hurricane Matthew in 2016, and most recently Tropical Storm Irma.

Some municipalities are finally making moves to fix the flooding issues.

A West Ashley family, who Count on 2 Investigators featured last year after Hurricane Matthew reached out to News 2 again to share their story and find out if they and their neighbors will ever get help.

In October of 2016, The Wordens had just finished $60,000 worth of renovations after the flooding of 2015. They also built a retention wall around their home to prevent more flooding.

Hurricane Matthew ruined their renovations.

“It’s hard because my house is like my heart, so to watch it just fall apart like that, and knowing there’s nothing I can do about it, it’s really been emotional,” said Karen Worden, who owns the home with her husband, Donald.

Before Tropical Storm Irma this year, The Wordens prepared again for flooding.

“We had the sand bags up, and we had everything blocked off,” said Donald Worden.

“All the water came through and literally went right over the wall again,” he said.

The Wordens, again, had just finished renovations from Hurricane Matthew, when water from Irma rushed into the house. The water level reached higher than it had the previous two years.

The first floor of their home is not covered by insurance. The home is sandwiched between marshlands.

“The majority of the electrical work in the house is bad again,” said Worden.

They also had other costs, including HVAC units, drywall, and hard wood floors.

FEMA replaced their HVAC units last year, but the Wordens worry they won’t get any federal money this year.

“When we add all that together it’s becoming an astronomical amount of money that we really don’t have,” said Worden.

The Worden’s home is on Hutton Place connected to Ashley Hall Road. They are one of several families on Hutton Place whose home has flooded three years in a row. Their house is also one of the few in Charleston city limits on that street. Charleston City officials have talked publicly about drainage work in West Ashley, so The Wordens and other neighbors wanted to know if they would be included in any of the drainage work.

The I-Team checked into it and reached out to Charleston County officials. Those in the public works department say have they plans to clear out a pipe on Hutton Place.

Charleston City representatives say they are discussing with city council town revitalization plans that will incorporate drainage work in West Ashley.

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