Dog lost for a month following car crash

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD)- It’s a scary thought for dog owners, you get into a car wreck and your dog disappears. That’s what happened to one James Island man during a recent roadtrip.

Will Cabell says, “She’s never really left my side very far. She’ll walk away and then she’ll look back to make sure I’m still there.”

But on August 23rd, on the way home from a business trip to North Carolina, a car crashed forced Will and Daisy apart.

He says, “We were on I-95 and there was a really bad rain storm and a distracted driver was coming off the interstate. I tried to avoid a collision with them and ended up running myself off the road and we hit a tree at 70 miles per hour. The moment I came to in the vehicle, I realized Daisy wasn’t in the front seat anymore.”

Will was injured, and couldn’t go look for Daisy right away. But as soon as he left the hospital, he tried every resource available.

Cabell says, “I’d go out there, walk around the trails, go up to weird neighborhoods and strange parts of town. I had people come out with drones, I had a couple come down with their bloodhound and they tried tracking Daisy.”

Still, no Daisy.

Cabell adds, “And then you come back home and there’s her two dog bowls and you don’t have to put food in them, it was just a terrible feeling.”

Then, after almost a month, Will got a call from Second Chance Animal Shelter, and a video from a family traveling I-95 to Florida.

He says the moment he and Daisy reunited was unforgettable.

Cabell says, “She was so happy. She was howling, her little tail was wagging. She knew she was on the way home.”

Daisy had some health problems.

Cabell says, “The first surgery was to fix some things that had rearranged in her chest cavity, and she had a bullae on her lung which is like an air pocket.”

Her hip was dislocated, she lost a lot of weight, and had cuts and scrapes, but she’s home and on the mend. Will says he is forever grateful to the family who took the time to stop and pick her up.

He says, “I don’t think there’s words that could ever describe how I feel about getting my dog back. I don’t think thank you is good enough.”

He says his biggest advice to other dog owners is make sure your dog is wearing a collar and tag at all times, because you never know when you’re going to need it.


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