A racial slur made on Snapchat starts a lot of controversy

MORRILTON, Ark. (WJBF) — A viral Snapchat exchange that included a racial slur, causing concerns for many in one Central Arkansas town.  “She said if you don’t understand it, I’ll put it in n-word form,” says Kimberly Burch.

Kimberly Burch reads a Snapchat message that includes a racial slur.  It was sent to her son – a Morrilton Junior HS student last week. “He sent it to me, his sister and it just went viral after that,” says Burch.

Students at Morrilton High School say the message was sent from the sister of a student who attends the junior high school. “I mean it really hurts,” says Burch.

In a video students can be seen meeting with the school principal – about the comments. “Parents went in there, current students went in there and trying to make peaceful actions,” says Clay Crowell.

Burch says the principal did tell her the issue would be handled. “He says I’m not going to make a big announcement about it but I am handling it,” says Burch.

While Burch says she wants more to be done by the school, she wants this to be a learning lesson for students. “I think they should let the students know that we are not going to have this from students or staff,” says Burch.

The superintendent says this did not take place on campus or during school hours. He also tells us an assembly was held to discuss social media. The superintendent says the district is not allowed to comment on student disciplinary actions, but we’re told the student who posted the message is no longer a student at Morrilton HS.

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