South Carolina drivers now eligible to renew licenses online

Blythewood, SC (WCBD) -South Carolinians can now renew their licenses online.

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles made the announcement Wednesday.

Anyone who has a class D, E, F, M or any combination of these four types can renew their license if their driving privileges are in good standing.

“This eliminates the need to visit an SCDMV branch and keeps wait times and lines shorter for the public,” said Executive Director Kevin Shwedo. “We’re a customer-centric agency, and this is a small step in the process of bringing the SCDMV to customers, instead of making customers come to us.”

Residents who are up for a license renewal will now only have to visit the DMV every other renewal to take a new photograph. Anyone who renewed by mail the last time for their new license is not eligible for online renewal and has to visit a DMV.

Anyone who has a commercial driver’s license or identification card or is an international customer has to continue visiting the DMV when it is time for a renewal, federal and state law prohibits online renewals for these cards.

A vision screening is also no longer needed for a license renewal, however it is still in effect for anyone receiving their first driver’s permit and license. This also applies to anyone returning to the state after being licensed in a different state.

To renew your license online, click here.



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