John Wesley United Methodist Day School provides nurturing environment for young students

If you’re driving down Savannah Highway this time of year, you’ve probably seen the awesome pumpkin patch in front of John Wesley United Methodist Church. Well they have another treasure inside, a day school that offers a fun, creative, and nurturing environment for young students. They’re our Cool School of the week.

Within the walls behind the popular pumpkin patch at John Welsey United Methodist Church, you will find nurturing of growing young mind. John Wesley Day School provides a Christian learning environment for children up to 4-K.
In addition to daily classroom curriculum, the school offers Spanish, music, chapel and American Sign Language. Director Caroline Gore says, “We have a Spanish teacher who comes in once a week for Spanish.he next day she comes in for sign language. All classes from the older 2’s up get to do Spanish all classes do sign language, American Sign Language.”

Instructors teach in teams. Co-teachers work together to enhance physical, social, academic and spiritual growth. Teacher Lynnette Hughes says, “We go through the lead teacher ever other week. We start the day with group time and plan the activity. One teacher is leading that while the other one is helping them, but during that week, the other one can be preparing their plan for the following week, so we don’t have burn out. It keeps everybody very happy in sharing the duties.”

John Wesley Day School also offers an after school adventures program with dance, jump bunch, soccer, mini masterpiece and young explorers. Teacher Donna Gobel says, “The environment around here is very nice. We have nice parents. The kids are fun, and it’s a great place to be.” Parent Laura Reyes says, “It’s such a great atmosphere. this is such a comfortable family friendly environment. They incorporate so many great activities. The school is just like a family. your kids are well taken care of here.”

John Wesley Day School also has several community outreach initiatives including helping the Lowcountry Food Bank and Charleston Animal Society.

Coming up Friday, we’ll present John Wesley Day School with our Cool School award.

We want to hear about the good things that are going on at your school. Just send an email to Octavia at omitchell@

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