WATCH: Utah girl jumps for joy upon learning of her adoption

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (KXAN/NBC News) — When a student is called to the school office, it can always be a little unnerving. But the news that 11-year-old Tannah Butterfield received had her jumping for joy.
Last week, American Heritage School’s office manager, Jackie Alexander, called Butterfield into the office to give her the news that she was getting her “forever family.” After more than two years, a judge gave the green light for Butterfield and her siblings to officially be adopted.

“I just grabbed her and I just said ‘Honey, oh baby have you heard the news?’ And she said ‘What?’ And I said ‘You get your family. You get your forever family,” said Alexander.

The sixth grader jumped into Alexander’s arms and gave her the biggest hug. Butterfield’s soon-to-be mother asked Alexander to deliver the news because she was anxious about the court hearing.

“I’m looking forward to having family time and spending all our lives together,” said Butterfield. “And just being together and I know that… like having someone to actually love me.”

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