State help given in Texas to probe officer’s death

Lubbock, Texas (AP) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he has mobilized state law enforcement resources to help Lubbock and Texas Tech University police investigate the fatal shooting of a campus police officer.

University officials say  19-year-old Hollis Daniels who is a Tech student in custody is suspected of killing the officer Monday night at the campus police headquarters.

According to the University spokesman, the incident happened after campus police made a welfare check, when they entered the room they found evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Officials say the suspect was then taken to the campus police station for a debriefing, it was during this time authorities say the suspect pulled out a gun and then shot an officer in the head.

In a statement, Abbott also says he offered condolences to Texas Tech University Chancellor Robert Duncan. He also says “hearts go out to the family of the police officer killed” and added he and wife Cecilia, “pray for the continued safety of the students and the entire community.”


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