Uptick in attempted car break-ins occurring in Mount Pleasant

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WBCD) – A warning from police to car owners: lock-up before you leave.

There is an uptick in attempted break-ins as criminals target unlocked cars looking for valuables left behind, according to the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Thieves are simply pulling on car door handles and then taking off with what they can quickly steal.

In the first four days of the month, at least 30 incidents were reported in various Mount Pleasant neighborhoods, with 10 of those car break-ins occurring overnight in Mallard Lakes off Chuck Dawley Boulevard. Other car invaders targeted the West Point subdivision off Rifle Range Road.

Turns out thieves were able to easily get into these cars since a majority were left unlocked, conveniently providing access to cash, electronics, weapons and anything else left unattended.

“The best thing that you can do is take everything out of your car,” said Inspector Chip Googe, a Mount Pleasant police department spokesman. “And then lock your car doors, make sure your windows are rolled up.”

When the keys or fobs are left inside the car, thieves will steal them as well.

“It’s basically just pulling on handle to see what’s available, what are the easiest opportunities,” Googe said. “We’re not finding any forced entry to these cars they are basically unlocked.”

The police department started posting a 9 p.m. reminder on social media about the need to keep vehicle doors locked and windows rolled up.

They also want residents to know that car thieves are dangerous, and there is no need to confront them, simply call 9-11 if suspicious activity is spotted. If you notice somebody walking the streets or driveways checking door handles on cars, call local police.

Three suspects were already arrested in Mount Pleasant, and investigators are trying to determine if there is a specific crime ring in the area.

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