News 2 I-Team: AC repair leaves family boiling

When Jenell Morrison’s air conditioning unit broke back in April, she filed a claim with American Home shield.  She expected the unit to be fixed so she could sell her home.

“We are talking about one, two, three, four, five separate visits,” she explained to News 2 showing us the technician notes from each visit.

The compressor, condenser, and capacitor were all replaced, but the unit never worked properly.  Her house wouldn’t sell, and she was also out nearly $500 for Freon that leaked out of the unit. That’s why she called News 2.

The I-Team learned that on the final service call, the Harbor Point Mechanical technician didn’t alert the family that he was at their home.  Instead, he left a note on the door that the unit had been sabotaged and was beyond repair.

“Why are you there for 20 minutes without the homeowners there?” Morrison questioned.

The I-Team called the owner of the company.  He explained that the technician should have called the family, and he didn’t know why the call wasn’t made. The employee isn’t working for Harbor Point Mechanical anymore.

House Doctors owner, Jack Ross, says to avoid problems like this at your home, start by doing research online.  He recommends checking reviews from previous customers. Next, get at least three quotes.

“You can compare the scope of work,” Ross explains.

Comparing the quotes gives you a better understanding of the actual problem, Ross explained. The quotes should include details about the problem, the materials that would fix it, and a time estimate to resolve the issue.

Once the job is done, business attorney Jay Ward says, go back online and write a review.

“You’re really doing a great service to other consumers,” he explains.

He says other consumers can use your experience for a reference before hiring.  Sites like Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, Google, and Angie’s List allow consumers to post reviews.

Because the Morrison’s unit was beyond repair, they were forced to buy a new unit and opted to rent their Goose Creek home.

Harbor Point Mechanical is an American Home Shield preferred contractor, and the owner deferred a formal statement to the warranty company.

In a statement to the News 2 I-Team a spokesperson wrote:

“At American Home Shield, we take great pride in providing quality service and valuable protection to our customers – and if we fail to meet these expectations, we work to do the right thing and ensure any situation is properly resolved.

“As a gesture of goodwill, we have agreed to reimburse Ms. Morrison $1,530, which covers the new outdoor condensing unit, Freon, and the recovery and disposal of old refrigerant.”

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