News 2 crew member shares Las Vegas travel experience in wake of mass shooting

LAS VEGAS, NV (WCBD) — As the Las Vegas mass shooting was happening Sunday night, thousands of people were traveling into the city.

News 2’s Technical Director, Hunter Pages, had just landed at Mccaren International Airport in Las Vegas as the violence was happening less than 10 miles away on the Las Vegas Strip. Next to him on that flight was his new wife, Katherine, eager to start their honeymoon.

The couple just got married in Pinehurst, NC on Saturday.

Their honeymoon itinerary: spend the night at Caesar’s Palace before traveling into the Grand Canyon.

“When we were getting our car, that’s when the guy there said, ‘Oh, by the way, you’re going to Caesar’s Palace…you might want to go another route. There’s been a shooting,’” said Hunter.

“Nobody knew at the time how big it was,” he said.

He realized the severity of the situation as he and Katherine drove toward the Las Vegas Strip.

“Everything was shut down. The whole strip was blocked off. Choppers were going around,” Hunter said.

The couple took back roads to get to Caesar’s Palace. When they arrived, they were met by a SWAT officer.

“He was like, ‘this is a no B.S. situation. Park anywhere you can. You have to get inside now,’” Hunter explained.

With all buildings under lockdown, the couple couldn’t find cover.

“The manager came out to us and said, ‘we are on lockdown. Nobody goes in; nobody goes out. The entire strip is on lockdown,’” Hunter explained.

Without another option, the Pages drove North. They traveled as far from the chaos as possible. They ended up in a North Las Vegas hotel.

“I’m just so grateful for [Hunter],” said Katherine.

“He said, ‘everything’s going to be okay. I’m going to get us out of the city and to safety,’” she said.

The Pages also made sure to alert their family members to their status. They plan to continue their honeymoon in the Grand Canyon.

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