Everyday Hero: Christan Rainey (N2T)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Eleven years ago, Christan Rainey experienced an unthinkable tragedy. His entire immediate family was murdered in North Charleston. Police charged his mother’s husband. Today Rainey works to save lives both on and off the clock. He has turned his pain into purpose.

Rainey lost his mother, three brothers and sister to domestic violence on September 30th 2006. He was away at college at the time. The healing process continues for him, but Christan is working to save lives. Rainey is a firefighter for the City of North Charleston, and five years ago he became an advocate to help end domestic violence. Christan created the non profit, MAD USA, Men Against Domestic Violence. Rainey says,”I just have to keep their memory and legacy true to me, and remember them in a way that I want to. I’m trying to make sure that their death doesn’t come in vain.”

You can see Christan Rainey’s full story tonight on News 2 at 6pm.

Tomorrow, Christan’s organization, MAD USA will hold its annual Stop Domestic Violence Awareness Rally. The event is in memory of his mother and siblings. It will be held in the parking lot at the Centre Point Walmart from 11am until 3pm.

To make a donation to MAD USA, call 843-805-0434 or visit http://www.madusa.org.

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