Cool School: Charis Academy

Charis Academy is our Cool School of the week!

Charis Academy is our first Cool School of the year. Charis, Greek for love, grace, and kindness was founded last year in Summerville.
The school focuses on students with high functioning autism,ADHD, and other learning challenges. Right now classes go up to sixth grade, but leaders hope to offer high school level courses in the future. Behavioral interventionists work with students three days a week. Founder and director Jodee Robinson says, “Our ratio is smaller. Our ratio in each classroom is one to six, and we use manipulatives wherever possible, specifically with math. We bring in manipulatives that we can use to teach them numbers so they can see what a one to one relation is.” Parent Angela Clyde says, “Since he’s come here, people within the first month of seeing him are like wow, he’s a different kid. He started to believe in himself. He started to believe he could do math, he could do science, he could do all of those subjects because he was given help in a different way.”

We’ll take a closer look at Charis Academy’s unique teaching methods tonight at five.

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