County to remove storm debris from Garden City Beach; some access closures required

GEORGETOWN COUNTY (WCBD) — Through next week, Georgetown County Public Services will remove beach debris resulting from Hurricane Irma from the Georgetown County portion of Garden City Beach where the Reach 3 project is taking place. Two public areas will be closed temporarily while this work is performed.

The section of beach where collections will take place extends from 517 South Waccamaw Drive to 1395 South Waccamaw Drive. The cleanup will be conducted from Thursday, Sept. 21, through Tuesday, Sept. 26. Only unsecured debris will be removed. Embedded posts or other access structures which are still affixed will not be removed. Only debris resulting from Hurricane Irma will be accepted.

Residents who would like to have their debris removed should place it on the east (ocean) side of the primary sand dune on the public beach by Friday, Sept., 22. The debris should be placed above the high-tide line and should consist only of wood lumber (such as from beach crossovers which were damaged by the storm) and vegetative debris. No other materials will be accepted and/or removed.

Any resident with debris along the beach which they do not want to be collected by the county should remove their debris to private property and to the west (land) side of the primary dune.

The following public facilities will be closed during the collection period to facilitate this work:

  • Beach Access No. 1
  • The public parking area on the north side of Yucca Avenue (between S Waccamaw Dr. and Underwood Dr.),

Other beach accesses and public facilities may be closed as needed to facilitate the debris removal.

This debris removal must take place before sand from the Myrtle Beach dredging project, which is anticipated to begin immediately, can take place.

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