Lowcountry mother says to not forget U.S. territories in Maria’s wake

MOUNT PLEASANT (WCBD)–The U.S. Virgin Islands are among the hardest hit in the Caribbean by Hurricane Maria.

The devastation comes as the islands recover from catastrophic wind and rain of Hurricane Irma.

“To get it twice in one year, in a period of ten days, it’s just unimaginable,” said Patty Biggerstaff.

Time has been passing slowly for Biggerstaff. Her daughter is currently on Saint Croix, an island almost directly in Hurricane Maria’s path.

“When they are that far away you feel helpless, you can’t do anything. Not being able to be in contact with her and waiting for a phone call when there is barely any cellphone coverage, it’s traumatic,” said Biggerstaff.

She says many people on the island have spent the last week helping those on St.Thomas and St. John recover from Hurricane Irma.

“They had been spending all their time trying to help those people giving them their supplies and now there is limited supplies on St. Croix, so they don’t have anything,” said Biggerstaff.

Food, water, and supplies being shipped from one island to another, not knowing St. Croix would soon be hit by another catastrophic storm.

“Our question really is who is going to help them. They helped St. Thomas they helped St. John, who is going to be there for St. Croix,” said Biggerstaff.


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