911 calls from Virginia’s on King shooting,”He said he is going to kill me.”

Credit: WCBD/Libba Holland

(WCBD) CHARLESTON– 911 calls from the deadly shooting and hostage situation at Virginia’s on King reveal how the crime unfolded.

“He told me he would shoot through the door, he said he is going to kill me,” said the general manager to authorities. “He says he is not going back to jail, he says he is going to die today. He will die today,” he added.

Police, sheriff’s deputies, and SWAT arrived on the scene within minutes of the first calls for help.

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The general manager of the restaurant was held hostage for more than two hours. He remained on the phone with authorities the entire time, relaying information from inside the building.

“He said if they don’t kill him he is going to kill himself. When says when he gets tired and sleepy he is going to kill himself. He says we are going to be here all night. He said nobody is going to change his mind it is already made up. He is going to die today,” said the manger to police.

The manager repeatedly provided authorities with the layout of the restaurant and the suspect’s location.

Outside, officers tried to conduct negotiations to reach a peaceful resolution, but the suspect refused to come out.

A Charleston Police officer eventually shot the suspect, 53-year-old Thomas Burns.

Burns appeared in bond court on Sunday and was denied bond on a murder charge.

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