Downtown Charleston businesses clean up after Irma

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – ​After a tidal surge during Irma caused flooding downtown some Charleston businesses are cleaning up and reopening after the storm.

Kimberly Walker, the manager at the Moonpie General Store on Market Street said the shop had about a foot of water inside because of the flooding. She was away from the business during the storm but she watched video from the store’s security camera on her smartphone.

“It went all the way to the very back of the store to a step that we have that goes much higher to the backroom,” said Walker. “We were very fortunate because it did go to the back step and we did have a lot of flooding. It did knock out a lot of our restaurant equipment stuff like that.”

The Moonpie General Store is now open but employees had to work hard to get the store open again for business.

“We got in early yesterday morning, made sure all the merchandise was out, made sure that we took care of the flooding, got all the water out of the store, we had a lot of mud, things like that of course that were in the store,” said Walker.

Flooding also happened down the street at Henry’s Bar and Restaurant. The restaurant was also busy cleaning the day after the storm.

“[A lot of] pressure washing, shop vacs,” said Mike Moses, the general manager at the restaurant. “It took several hours, about eight hours, a lot of clean up.”

Many shops and restaurants were open on Wednesday when News 2 visited the area.

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