North Charleston neighborhood residents assess damage after Irma flooding

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – ​The Evanston Estates neighborhood in North Charleston was flooded after Irma brought rain to the area. Some residents said it was the worst flooding that they had experienced.

Many people in the area were busy cleaning up and airing out their possessions the day after the storm.

“About four foot to five foot of water in the street at the high tide yesterday,” said Larry Gunselman, a neighborhood resident. “About four inches higher than it was with Matthew last year. We got almost a foot of water in the house last year during Matthew so it’s a mess.”

Gunselman evacuated to Charlotte during the storm but when he returned he found a lot of water damage in his two garages.

“A lot of sheetrock damage, a lot of electrical damage, air conditioners are wiped out and I can guarantee everything under the house and crawl spaces is all soaking wet and destroyed,” said Gunselman.

The community is susceptible to flooding when lots of rain falls because it is near the Ashley River.

“It hits here because we’re in the tidal plain and depending on what the high tide is it will hit here about an hour and a half after high tide,” said Gunselman.

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