Curfew in place as Edisto Beach braces for storm surge

EDISTO BEACH, S.C. (WCBD)- A mandatory evacuation of Edisto Beach began at 10 AM Saturday. On Sunday morning, there was a roadblock in place only allowing people off of Edisto Island, not on to the beach. A curfew was put in place at 8 PM Saturday night to prevent looting. The Mayor of Edisto Beach, Jane Darby, says they can’t ask people to leave without doing something to protect their property. That curfew is in place indefinitely.

The Mayor tells News 2 143 people on Edisto Beach did choose to stay and they are attempting to weather the storm. That’s out of about 700, so about 20% of people who live on the beach are planning to stay on throughout these anticipated storm surges.

All officials are recommending people evacuate. Even if you have to do it Sunday, try and get off of Edisto Beach because there will be no 911, no first responders available to you even in an emergency. They say these storm surges and winds are going to be so strong that they don’t want to put their police officers and firefighters out in that and possibly risk their lives as well. If you are choosing not to leave because you feel like you don’t have anywhere to go, there is a shelter open at Colleton County Middle School in Walterboro.

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