Evacuation begins Saturday for barrier islands


COLUMBIA, S.C. – On Friday, Governor Henry McMaster ordered the evacuation of certain barrier islands in Beaufort, Colleton and Jasper Counties. Due to the potential impact of Hurricane Irma, residents on those islands should prepare to evacuate their homes beginning Saturday at 10 a.m. Although the latest Hurricane Irma forecasts are increasingly favorable for South Carolina, the National Weather Service still expects Irma to cause high winds, heavy rains and localized flooding due to a possible storm surge of four to six feet.

Gov. Henry McMaster has ordered the evacuation of all residents on the following barrier islands:

Edisto Beach in Colleton County

Daufuskie, Fripp, Harbor, Hunting and Hilton Head Islands in Beaufort County

Knowles and Tullifiny in Jasper County.

Evacuees should pack the following essential items in case the evacuation period is lengthy: required medications, adequate clothing and essential personal items. Emergency shelter locations will be announced as soon as they are open. If you plan to evacuate to a shelter, please be prepared to bring your own blankets, pillows, cots and any special foods if you are on a restricted diet.

Citizens in Colleton, Beaufort and Jasper Counties outside of the barrier islands are encouraged to seek shelter if they have concerns for their personal safety and to be prepared to take safety precautions if they are asked to do so by local public safety officials.

A list of available shelters, staffed by the Department of Social Services and the Red Cross, will be updated on EMD’s website as they open. Shelters scheduled to be operating beginning tomorrow include the Colleton Middle School in Colleton County, Ridgeland High Junior and Elementary School in Jasper County. Bluffton High School and Battery Creek High School in Beaufort County.

South Carolina’s emergency helpline is now active around the clock. Anyone with questions Hurricane Irma should call the Public Information Phone System at 1-866-246-0133.

Governor McMaster did not order  any other evacuations or the reversal of any lanes on Interstate 26 coming out of Charleston.

Stayed tuned to News 2 and Counton2.com for any updates.

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