Hurricane preparations continue as forecast becomes more clear

According to the latest forecast, the South Carolina coast is now less likely to take a direct hit from Hurricane Irma.

Thursday night, the projected path of the storm became more clear putting South Carolina on the edge of the cone of uncertainty.  The projected path of the center now extends from South Florida into parts of Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.

South Carolina still faces the threat of potential significant coastal flooding from storm surge, strong winds, heavy rain, and tornadoes beginning late Sunday through early Tuesday.

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“Just because the center is likely to come onshore in south Florida, we have to remember Irma is a very large and powerful storm and impacts will be felt well away from the center,” said Storm Team 2 Meteorologist Josh Marthers. “It’s important to continue preparations for significant impacts.”

The news comes as state leaders in South Carolina continue to monitor the forecast.  Thursday, Gov. Henry McMaster announced that he was considering evacuation orders for coastal and low-lying communities.

McMaster signed two executive orders on Thursday.  One orders nursing homes and hospitals near the coast to evacuate.  The other requires dam owners to lower water levels.

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Gov. McMaster and other officials are expected to hold another news conference on Friday.

News 2 will continue to provide updates as the story develops.

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