9/11 Heroes Run organizers say don’t let Irma keep you from helping

Hurricane Irma is impacting people and planned events here in the Lowcountry. 
The race director for the 9/11 Heroes Run says they plan to hold the race this Saturday rain or shine. However, they are supposed to have great weather Saturday.
Theresa Faircloth is the race director for the 9/11 Heroes Run in Charleston. “The 9/11 Heroes Run is a nationwide 5-K race series hosted by the Travis Manion Foundation.”
The purpose of the run is to honor those lost on 9/11, while also honoring the service and sacrifice of the men and women in uniform. “And we’ve been able to donate just over $70,000 for local first responders right here in Charleston.”
With Hurricane Irma, they are worried that fundraising goals may not be met. Even though the weather Saturday is expected to be perfect, many people have decided not to register for the run due to Irma possibly moving into the area later. “We don’t want people to get scared and not register. It’s very crucial that we have that registration income to support our local first responders and the Travis Manion foundation.”
Nikki Campbell is a volunteer with the Berkeley County Rescue Squad. “We here at the Berkeley County Rescue Squad not only are looking forward to this upcoming race, but we feel very fortunate and honored to be named one of the beneficiaries.”
The Berkeley County Rescue Squad and the North Charleston Fire Departments will also benefit from the money raised by the race. Campbell says the money, “Will go towards funding our dive equipment. We have a lot of outdated equipment and we want to make sure we have the best equipment available to go out and respond to water missions, because most of our calls, probably more than half, happen to be on the water.”
Even if you can’t make it on race day, you could still register, as the $35 race registration will go a long way to help out.
“If anyone is out in the community and they want to contribute to the community in a big way, coming out to this race and participating in this race is a great way to do that.”
You can register for the race online until 6pm Thursday night. Click on the link below.
You can also register at the race start.

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