Powerful images of hope following Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON, T.X. (NBC NEWS)- Even in Texas where “southern hospitality” rules, Harvey was an unwelcome guest from the beginning. He stormed ashore a week ago, hurling spears at 130 miles per hour, gusts strong enough to devastate coastal towns. Then, with the persistence of a waterfall, Harvey dropped some 20 trillion gallons of water on the region.

Pictures of the growing flood were jaw-dropping, but it’s the images of the people we remember the most. Like the rescuer carrying a mother who clutched her 13-month-old boy while he slept.

The mother says, “I just think it’s the fact of people helping people, people coming together.”

If these floods were biblical, then they were met with an army of arks.

Everyday folks who braved the floodwaters to rescue strangers, reuniting families like the Pleasants who had been separated for two days.

They say, “Ya’ll, God is good. Ya’ll, God is amazing.”

And when all hope seemed lost, angels with wings made of helicopter propellers swooped in.

One woman says, “Oh my god, I was so happy. I was like waving in the middle of the street. We were so happy, like God has answered our prayers.”

On social media, one video shows a father surrounded by murky water, yet calmly playing the piano. A recording for his son, to prove the instrument still worked.

We’ve seen pizzas for flood victims delivered by kayak and furniture stores sheltering evacuees thanks to a businessman known as “Mattress Mack”.

He says, “We think it takes an entire village to raise a child, and whatever we can do to help these people in their time of need, that’s what we’re going to do.”

Proof southern hospitality is alive and well in Texas as the waters recede and communities rise.


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