How to prepare for flooding in Dorchester County

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Neighborhoods in Summerville, such as Ashborough and Arbor Oaks, have experienced significant flooding recently both during the historic flooding in 2015 and during Hurricane Matthew. The National Weather Service and Dorchester County Emergency Management say there are ways to prepare for the next flooding event.

“When you know there is inclement weather on it’s way pay attention to the weather forecasts,” said Mario Formisano Director of Emergency Management for Dorchester County. “Heed the warnings, if you’re told to leave an area if you’re told to evacuate you know that’s when you implement your family emergency plan and go to one of your alternate locations.”

National Weather Service meteorologist Blair Holloway says there are measures that can be taken before a flooding event too.

“Having flood insurance,” said Holloway “a big way to protect yourself and your property.”

Communities near the Ashley River are prone to flooding. There are several factors that make forecasting river flooding complex.

“It’s just complex because you got freshwater that’s coming from inland as well as the rainwater that may be falling over that basin and then you also have the tidal impacts with the tides, the rise and fall of the tides anyway so it’s definitely not a straight forward thing trying to forecast when you start talking about tides being felt within a river,” said Holloway.

Residents are urged to check their evacuation zones on the Dorchester County website.

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