SCDMV helps you become REAL ID ready

BLYTHEWOOD, SC (PRESS RELEASE) – The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) is pleased to announce a more convenient way for South Carolina residents to confirm if the documents needed to order and buy a REAL ID driver’s license online in the future are on file with the agency.
With the agency’s newly designed mobile-first website, customers can login and learn if they may be eligible for ordering a REAL ID license online when the cards become available in 2018.
“This eliminates the need to call, wait on hold, and confirm that all of the needed documents are on file for you to get a REAL ID,” said Executive Director Kevin Shwedo. “Customers can now access this information throughout all hours of the day, not just during normal business hours.”
Visit HERE, search “REAL ID”, and begin the transaction from the REAL ID web page. You’ll enter your license number, social security number, and date of birth to see if the required documents are on file.
“This online check makes the transition from a regular license to a REAL ID license for anyone who’s interested a bit easier,” said REAL ID Project Manager Melissa Cisson.
All of the following must be true for you to be eligible to buy a REAL ID license online next year:
 Required documents are on file with the SCDMV
 Driving privileges are in good standing
 Have a regular (Class D, E, F, M, or any combination of the four) license
If the required documents are not on file and you’re interested in changing your current SC license to a REAL ID, you must bring the following documents to an SCDMV branch now:
 Proof of Identity (Birth certificate or valid US Passport)
 Proof of Social Security Number
 Two Proofs of Current, Physical SC Address
 Proof of All Legal Name Changes
If you have an identification card, commercial driver’s license, or are an international customer, REAL ID licenses and IDs will not be available for online ordering. If you fall into one of these categories, gather the above documents and keep them in a secure location until REAL IDs are available next year. You must visit an SCDMV branch with your documents to change your card.
For more information, follow the SCDMV on Twitter and Facebook. You can learn more at or by emailing your questions to

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