South Carolina relief workers head to Houston

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) — Dozens of volunteers from South Carolina are heading to Houston to assist in the relief efforts.

Fifty-Three American Red Cross disaster-trained volunteers from throughout the state of South Carolina are being deployed to affected areas. We’re told the volunteers are prepared to staff shelters and assist with the movement of resources and supplies to support the operation. South Carolina is also sending 4 emergency response vehicles.

Trailers full of cots and blankets are being sent from across the nation. The Red Cross says they are enough to support thousands of people. They are also sending kitchen supplies and tens of thousands of ready-to-eat meals.

“Our volunteers are dedicated to helping families when they need it most, whether here in their local community or across the country,” said Louise Welch Williams, Regional Chief Executive Officer for the Red Cross in South Carolina. “When they heard that help was needed in multiple states, they immediately volunteered to assist the people displaced by these disasters.”

The Red Cross says that they expect this will be a months long recovery effort and many people will have to remain in shelters until at least Thanksgiving.

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