Mount Pleasant water system prepared for heavy rain

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) — As heavy rain and high winds are anticipated to impact Mount Pleasant, personnel at Mount Pleasant Waterworks are ready to respond to customer needs.

“While we do not anticipate impact to our drinking water system, heavy rain and high winds often create power outages that impact our wastewater pumping stations,” said Community Engagement and Communications Director Dionna Ebeling.

If the power is out at your home it is likely Mount Pleasant Waterworks pump stations are without power. Please minimize toilet flushing or excessive water use until the power is restored. If you see water bubbling out of manholes or have a sewer back up, please call 843-884-9626.

Please keep children and animals away from overflows that may have occurred. Mount Pleasant Waterworks asks customers not remove sewer clean-out caps to allow water to drain. This creates an extra burden on the wastewater system and could increase the chance of sewer overflows.

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We’re told Mount Pleasant Waterworks has an in depth Emergency Management Plan to address these types of situations and all employees are trained regularly and are prepared to respond.

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