School Superintendents: Berkeley County School District

Berkeley County School District continues to grow, and now has and now has new leadership. As we begin a new school year, News 2’s Octavia Mitchell sat down with the leaders of our local school districts. Today we head to Berkeley county

It’s a new year and a new beginning for Berkeley County School District. They now have a new superintendent, Dr. Eddie Ingram. Deon Jackson is senior associate superintendent and served as interim superintendent. “There are a number of things to be excited about in Berkeley county,” Jackson says. “We’ve been trying to implement more strategies to make transportation more efficient. Through this year’s budget, we were able to purchase some additional busses.”

While the district faced controversy last year concerning budget and legal matters. Jackson says issues have had minimum impact on classrooms. Jackson says, “Do those issues need to be addressed? absolutely. We are responsible for being good stewards over the resources the tax payers are contributing to the school district. It’s not ours. It’s the taxpayers. They are trusting us and it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re good stewards.”

The district continues to grow. This year, BSCD welcomed nearly 35-thousand students, 750 more than last year. jackson says, “Forty-four schools last year, 45 this year with the opening of Philip Simmons High School, and next year 47 schools with the opening of Bowen’s Corner Elementary and Foxbank Elementary School. Every year, we’re growing by almost one school per year, 750 students to a thousand students per year.”

The district is also excited about new technology use. “We’re also implementing phase two of our one-to-one initiative, says Jackson. “We deployed phase one last year. We are implementing phase two this year. We actually have an opportunity to implement phase three second semester. I know that’s getting ahead, but talk about something to be proud of that’s definitely something that we’re proud of.”

Monday was the first day on the job for Berkeley County’s new school superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram.

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