School Superintendents: Georgetown County School District

Nearly ten-thousand students are back in school in Georgetown county. As we begin a new school year, News 2, Octavia Mitchell sat down with the leaders of our local school districts. Today we head to Georgetown county.

Dr. Randy Dozier has led the Georgetown County School District for 14 years. Ninety-seven-hundred students from Georgetown, Andrews, Waccamaw, Carvers Bay, and Pleasant Hill are back in the district’s 18 schools, with new technology and labs. “We have a lot of new initiatives going on,” says Dozier. “We have one on one devices, chrome books for several grade levels. Ninth grade will have laptops. We’re putting in labs at the high schools, which are fairly expensive. Those are interactive labs, which are fairly expensive, but those are interactive labs where say you were doing a science STEM class, you could dissect a frog and actually touch it and feel it, but not kill the frog, or have the smell or other things that go with it. They have the 3-D glasses and pens, that’s going to be really exciting.”

The district also has an award winning security department. Dozier says, “All of our schools security wise has front entrance what we call hardening. They have front entrance security glass. You have to be checked in, photo ID checked, certainly make sure you’re not on any list, and video cameras throughout the school video.”

GCSD will continue to have renovation projects this fall. “The public, I’de like to thank them for that, passed a 165-million-dollar bond referendum, which impacts all the schools. Some of it won’t be real exciting. It would be HVAC work, roof work, but there will be some exciting things. We’re renovating the tracks at all of the high schools. We’re adding some gymnasiums, practice gyms, tennis courts, things have been on the wish list for some time. I hope they’ll be excited about coming back to school,” says Dozier.

Georgetown County School District offers swimming classes to all second graders through a partnership with the Y.

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