The eclipse and animals: How will they react?

(WSPA) – When it comes to the solar eclipse, the Upstate is ready. But do you know how the animals around you will react?

Care Emergency Clinic veterinarian Dr. Patrick Mornane, says it won’t really affect your pets. Dogs and cats may get nervous from the sudden change from day to night, but their eyes will not be harmed by the eclipse.

Mother Nature Network reports that many wild animals will react to the solar eclipse. Birds could begin to chirp like it’s morning, when it turns dark, other animals may retreat to sleep.

The Nature Network also says that zoo animals may have a reaction to the eclipse, including going to sleep, or hiding in their enclosure.

The app iNaturalist, is asking you to help document nature and the eclipse. With the app you can upload photos of any wild animals you see during the eclipse, so scientists everywhere can document their behavior.

You have to act fast, the eclipse will last no longer than 3 minutes in most places.

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