VIDEO: NC man confronted for flying Nazi flag outside home

MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. (CNN) — Video of a woman who questioned her neighbor for flying a Nazi flag outside his Gaston County home has now gone viral.

In the video, Page Braswell can be heard asking the man, Joe Love, why he has a Nazi flag.

“Do you make payments on this (expletive) house?” Love asked her.

Braswell tried to talk to Love about the flag and posted the confrontation on her Facebook page.


“This is America, not Nazi Germany,” she said to Love in the video.

“Well, don’t worry about it. You get your ass in your car, and get the hell out of here,” he responded.

Braswell, who was interviewed following posting the video, did not want to show her face in the wake of the Charlottesville violence.

“We need to confront it every single time we see it, whether it’s our family, our coworkers, our, you know, our friends. Sitting around with people, and someone tells an off color joke, you know, it’s not funny,” she said.

A reporter went by Love’s home on Forest Way Drive and didn’t receive an answer when she knocked on his door. She also noticed that the Nazi flag had been taken down.

There are a lot of American flags in the neighborhood, a Confederate flag that most neighbors say they roll their eyes at — and then the Nazi flag.

“I wasn’t expecting something like that,” neighbor Jerry Watts said. “Yeah, I don’t like to see it because I know it stirs up a lot of other problems.”

The reporter found Love at what neighbors said was his family auto shop.

“I saw you took it down, so I thought you might have something you might want to say,” she said to Love.

Love said no and that he had just lost his job.

In the video, Love said, “(expletive) you” and gave Braswell the middle finger. “I’m not a Nazi, either,” he said.

Love did speak earlier this week to the Gaston Gazette newspaper. He said he displayed the Nazi flag after three of his Confederate flags were stolen.

The newspaper said Love pledged to replace the Nazi flag with another Confederate one.

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