SCHP reminds drivers to use caution as students head back to school

Mount Pleasant, SC (WCBD) – As thousands of students across the Lowcountry prepare to head back to school Thursday, the South Carolina Highway Patrol is reminding drivers to use caution.

Now that school buses will be back on the roads, authorities say drivers should slow down once the lights on the bus begin to flash, any violators could be fined due to the state’s absolute speed law.

In addition to the school safety zones, highway patrol is also reminding drivers about bus safety laws.

“On a two lane roadway in South Carolina all drivers meeting the bus from either the rear or approaching have to stop for the school bus when the red lights and stop arm are activated,” said Matt Southern of the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

“Where it gets a little confusing is on a four or more lane road, so if you are traveling in the opposite direction from the bus when it stops you do not have to stop,” said Southern.

Highway Patrol also recommends parents talk with their children about safety, including topics such as standing at the bus stop.

For the first week, it is suggested that younger students be accompanied to their bus stops.



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