Local teens organize vigil for victims of Charlottesville violence

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD)–  People in the Lowcountry are working to spread a message of inclusion just days after deadly violence in Charlottesville Virigina.

The Episcopal Church of Good Shepard hosted a vigil to stand in solidarity with Charlottesville. The event was organized by teenagers who say they felt compelled to inspire change.

“In my mind I understood what was going on but in my heart I just couldn’t understand. I was doubtful that cruelty could be that prevalent,” said Ann Bailey. “It just sounds so atrocious that you can’t bring yourself to believe that it is true,” she added.

Bailey posted on social media expressing an interest in doing more.

“I felt like posting on social media was really futile and I wanted to use it to do something rather than to say something,” said Bailey.

The post caught the attention of Jameson Gleason.

“I was filled with sadness in my heart that there is still this ideology in this country,” said Gleason.


Father Dow Sanderson says he was moved after hearing interest from local teenagers.

“To see kids who have seen not only national tragedy but also local tragedy and still have a heart to not respond in hatred and anger but in love and compassion. It’s spectacular,” said Father Dow Sanderson.


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