Local students use ferry to get to school

DEWEES ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD)- Thursday morning, many students got to school on a bus, in a car, or on a bike, but about eight students from Dewees Island crossed the water on a ferry to get to their first day of school.

One of those students, high school senior Caitlyn McDaniel, says, “We get a much more fun and nice ride to school.”

Instead of looking out the window at gridlock, the sunrise over the water is the view on their commute.

McDaniel says, “This is my most favorite thing in the morning. Just getting up to experience this and all the nature around us.”

It’s about a 15 minute ride from Dewees to the mainland. It’s a chance to wake up, take in the view, and get prepped for the day.

McDaniel says, “Me and some of the other kids on the ferry, you’ll see us with our binders in our laps finishing homework that we were too tired to do the night before.”

The students say with a ferry as your ride, there’s no choice but to be prompt.

Caitlyn’s sister, high school sophomore Emma McDaniel, says, “It also helps make a routine because it’s very scheduled.”

Because if they miss the ferry, they miss the school bus waiting on the other side.

Caitlyn says, “I’m always awaiting being late, so I have to be early to everything.”

The kids say one downside is their ride is sometimes contingent on the weather.

Emma says, “Sometimes if it’s lightning or if it’s really, really hard rain they won’t run the ferry, and if they aren’t running it we get an excused absence from school.”

But they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Caitlyn says, “This is something that I know I’ve benefited from just becoming a better person and enjoying the environment which I know a lot of kids don’t get out to do and so this is an extra step I’m glad to take in the morning and I would love if other kids can do it too.”

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