Do not wear eclipse glasses while driving and other safety tips from SC troopers

SOUTH CAROLINA (WSAV) — Lance Corporal David Jones, a community relations officer for Troop 1 with the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, posted a humorous video on Twitter this week. The video shows the officers alongside fireman Antoine Kelly with Lexington County Fire Service. The purpose of the video is to reiterate one simple rule—do not wear eclipse glasses while driving. You only need the eclipse glasses if you plan to look at the sun to watch the eclipse.

While the video is meant to be funny, Trooper Jones is serious about traffic safety and wants to draw attention to the dangers that may be present on Aug. 21 as people travel for the eclipse. His video also shows drivers that you cannot see anything but the sun when wearing eclipse glasses.

And when it comes to traffic safety for Aug. 21, Jones says the SCDPS’s message is the same with any other major event.

“First and foremost, there is going to be a large increase of traffic coming to S.C. from all over the nation and world. We would like visitors and citizens of S.C. to ‘pack their patience’ and be prepared to see traffic congestion around the viewing area.”

He also says to never stop in the roadway or along the interstate during the eclipse. Get to your viewing area prior to the start of the eclipse.

And, he states, if you do have an issue, never hesitate to call *47.

“We will have a lot of extra troopers on patrol along the viewing route as well as our major corridors.”

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