Summerville Man Recalls 1970 Solar Eclipse

Summerville, S.C. – A Summerville man can’t wait to see his second total solar eclipse on August 21st.

The last eclipse Franklin Smith saw was nearly 50 years ago on March 7, 1970. At that time, there weren’t solar eclipse glasses for him to wear to look up.

“All we had was a white board. You put a pinhole in it and you see the shadow of the moon eating into the sun. It was kind of disappointing,” said Smith.

On March 7, 1970, the path of totality ran up the east coast of the United States. According to NASA, the total eclipse lasted just over a minute.

Smith was in college in North Carolina at the time of the 1970 total solar eclipse. He drove one-hundred miles with a friend to a piece of land to watch it.

“When the eclipse happened and it went total, we were in about 30 seconds of eclipse that day. The sun was totally blocked out and you could see the aurora around the sun,” Smith said that moment it went dark “you could see the peace and quiet in god’s creation.”

Smith will see his second total eclipse on August 21st. He encourages everyone to soak it in.

“Enjoy it. Take a look at it, take a look around, soak it in, and remember it’s just about 2 minutes and it will be the 2 minutes that live with you for your life,” said Smith.




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