Dorchester County issues redesigned tax bills

The Dorchester County Treasurer’s Office has begun issuing a new design of vehicle property tax billsResidents with vehicle taxes due in September and/or have recently purchased a new vehicle will be the first to receive the new design.
Cindy L. Chitty, Dorchester County Treasurer, redesigned the vehicle tax bill to “simplify the bill and make it easier to understand.”
“The redesign was necessary, to remove outdated information. The inclusion of this information led to confusion among the citizens,” Chitty added.
The bills were also being printed on 8.5×14 paper. The new bills are now streamlined and printed on standard 8.5×11 paper.
In 2016, Dorchester County issued 96,354 vehicle tax bills. If the same number of bills were issued, this year, on 8.5×11 paper, printing costs could be reduced by approximately $6,300.
Residents can pay taxes online at, in-person at both the St. George and Summerville Treasurer’s Offices or by mail to:
Dorchester County Treasurer
201 Johnston St.
St. George, SC 29477
The Treasurer’s Office will begin accepting a new online payment option with a reduced transaction fee of $1.50 per transaction; e-checks will be accepted within the next few weeks.

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