SCANA CEO apologizes for situation after nuclear plant construction is halted

Officials from SCANA were in attendance at a meeting in North Charleston today to address concerns about their decision to shut down construction of 2 nuclear power plants in the state.
The chairman and CEO of SCANA, Kevin Marsh made a presentation explaining why they decided to cancel those nuclear plants. 
Marsh addressed the audience, saying his company has a responsibility to make the best decisions for their customers and SCANA. “We take that responsibility seriously and we are sincerely sorry that we have ended up in this situation.”
He went into detail about how the nuclear plant cost estimates began to skyrocket, and when Westinghouse, the company hired to build the plants, went bankrupt, the decision about what to do became difficult. He then said when Santee Cooper decided they could no longer continue with the construction, that left SCANA with no other choice than to abandon the project.
State Representative David Mack did not sound impressed by the explanation. “If you have to do a big exclamation for why you did something you’ve got a problem.”
He said he has one focus. “That we need to be thinking after this whole process is said and done, how do we make the citizens of South Carolina whole again?”
Rep. Leon Stavrinakis said, “I think it’s good that they are willing to come here and face the public and help legislators understand the sequence of events that led to this what is basically a catastrophe.”
We’re told additional meetings like the one today will be taking place at other locations in the future.

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