Braille book gives everyone a feel of the solar eclipse

CHARLESTON, S.C. – NASA has teamed up with The College of Charleston to make sure the solar eclipse is enjoyable to everyone on August 21st.

They recently published “Getting a Feel for Eclipses,” to allow those who are visually impaired and blind to experience the rare event.

The book is big in size and has two pages inside. There are three tactile graphics that explain what will happen during the eclipse.

Mariah Williams recently graduated from The College of Charleston and has been blind since birth. Braille and touch is her way to communicate with the world.

“The actual seeing the sun being eclipsed is pretty visual and i knew it was something that existed and happened, but i didn’t really understand why it happened and how it happened. This book allows me to have that understanding,” said Williams.

Cassandra Runyon, a professor at The College of Charleston, co-wrote the braille book with several others.

The book has been extremely popular and is now in its fourth printing. Over 4,000 copies have been sent to schools and libraries across the country.

“There are over 50 million people in the United States that are blind or visually impaired, so this book will help bring the eclipse to reality for those who see with their fingers and not their eyes.” said professor Runyon.

“Getting A Feel For Eclipses” is available for FREE, thanks to NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute and NASA Headquarters.

You can request at copy by emailing







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