Back to School supplies

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- It’s time to grab the notebooks, crayons, and calculators. The back to school shopping lists are available at school supply stores like Walmart and Target. You can also find them online on your school’s website. Principals say knowing what to bring on the first day is important and equally important is knowing what to leave at home.

Whitesides Elementary School Principal, Cindy Perez, says, “The thing that came up at the end of school last year, the fidget spinners, tend to be a distraction in the classroom. Elementary children like to bring toys and things, and they really just need to leave those items at home.”

That includes electronics.

Perez says, “Smart watches are a new thing with our older kids. We do allow students to bring cell phones for safety reasons and they do need to remain in their backpacks and off during the school day.”

As you are heading out to grab those school-appropriate supplies, August 4-6th may be the best time to go because it is tax free weekend. This includes everything on your school supply list, from clothes and shoes, to notebooks and pencils, to computers, and even dorm essentials like bedding and towels. For a complete list of tax free items, click here.

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