Heavy rains create sewage problem in West Ashley

West Ashley, S.C. (WCBD) – Raw sewage bubbling up from the ground and into parts of the Byrnes Downs neighborhood is a health threat for some residents here in West Ashley who say they deal with this problem whenever a heavy rain comes through.

The untreated waste water was spewing from the storm water system during Thursday morning’s downpour.

“Water is backing up through the sewers, it comes up through the storm drains, through the manholes, it’s getting up in our neighbor’s yards, all over the streets,” said Andrew Brenner whose front yard was impacted. “I don’t like to go near it, it’s extremely contaminated. It’s disgusting to be honest.”

He estimated this is the sixth time it has occurred over the past year, and according to some of his neighbors, it has been a persistent problem for two decades.

Brenner said that despite registering complaints with the city, the problem isn’t being fixed and he wants some answers before it gets worse.

Charleston Water System said that crews were dispatched Thursday morning and quickly vacuumed up all of the standing water. The crews also used a disinfectant to clean up the area.

The problem is too much storm water coming in too fast and it can push sewage up to the street level in the West Ashley community following heavy rains.

A project to overhaul all the drains in West Ashley will be completed by next summer with the goal of eliminating the sewage problem facing residents, for good.

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